American Congress of Muslim Youth

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The Activist Training Seminar is a daylong series of workshops conducted by experienced staff. The seminars are held in cities around the country for Muslims and others who are interested in learning the skills necessary for effective activism.  

The goal of the seminar is to produce trained and certified activists who can do political work, talk to the media, and build alliances with other groups. Once trained, these activists are able to deal confidently with issues that arise in their community. 

In the Activist Training Seminar, participants learn:


  • An overview of the US Constitution, including the Bill of Rights
  • Your state, county, and local governments
  • Tips for meetings with public officials

Community Outreach

  • Coalition building
  • Identification of potential allies
  • Techniques for interfaith work

Media Relations

  • How the news media really works
  • Building relationships with reporters
  • How to handle media interviews

Then, in breakout sessions and presentations, participants hone their skills in real time. With entertaining performances and evaluation by expert trainers and classmates, participants practice building cooperation among activists, planning for press conferences, and meetings with public officials.